This page is about obtaining free technical support. For information on commercial support services, please visit this page.

TightVNC is free software, so it comes with no warranty. Thus, we do not guarantee free technical support. However, there is a number of ways to get your problems solved without subscribing to technical support services. The rest of this page describes what to read first and where to ask questions if you need some basic technical help.

Where to Ask Questions?

Short answer: in TightVNC mailing lists. See the instructions here.

Most importantly, please do not contact TightVNC staff directly. Most likely, there will be no response. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we have been receiving far too much e-mail. Thus, we cannot answer to all individual help requests.

If you have a question, it might be a good idea to search for existing answers first:

If that did not help, ask a question in the TightVNC mailing list. Here you can find instructions on using the mailing lists: what lists are available, how to subscribe or unsubscribe, where to post messages to, and how to browse and search the archives.

Subscribe to Announcements

You can be easily notified when new releases of TightVNC are available. To start receiving announcements, subscribe to the TightVNC-Announce mailing list (low traffic). See the instructions here. Note that all the announcements are also copied to the general TightVNC mailing list (see above), so normally you don't have to subscribe to both lists.

If You Have Discovered a Bug...

... read the instructions on how to submit a bug report.

If You Would Like to Suggest a New Feature...

... read the instructions on how to submit a feature request.