How the Dispatcher Works

TightVNC Dispatcher — a complete solution that allows accessing remote computers even if they are behind firewalls and NAT routers.

This software is a sort of repeater or proxy that accepts connections from both servers and viewers and routes viewers to the correspondent servers depending on automatically generated ID codes entered on the viewer side.

How Dispatcher Works

You place an instance of Dispatcher on your globally available machine with a public IP address. Then users can access remote desktops via ID codes and passwords, and not be concerned about IP addresses, firewalls, and NAT routers in between.

Many Servers can be served simultaneously. Note, that not any VNC-server is currently capable of working with Dispatcher. Both Server and Viewer must support connecting to Dispatcher, so currently, only TightVNC is supported.

Also, this solution may optionally include a special end-user application that implements both server/viewer functionalities and provides the most convenient way of controlling remote desktop through TightVNC Dispatcher running on some globally available remote machine.

How Dispatcher Works

TightVNC Dispatcher is available under a commercial EULA license. Alternatively, its full source code can be obtained under a (more expensive) commercial license.

TightVNC Dispatcher is a Java application so it requires Java Runtime Environment installed. It works on any platform where Java 2 SE is supported (Windows, Linux, macOS, etc.)

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