This page describes commercial-friendly licensing option for TightVNC Server version 2 for Windows.

Important note: If all you need is to use TightVNC AS IS, then it's 100% free! Yes, TightVNC is freely available under the terms of the GNU GPL license.

If It's Free, Why Purchase a License?

Let's consider you would like to have TightVNC functionality in your own software. For example, you plan to add desktop sharing to your conference system. If your project is not free software, you are not allowed to sell TightVNC as a part of your closed-source system. The GPL simply does not permit that.

This is where we can help you by providing a commercial license to our source code.

What Are the Benefits?

In short, you can save both time and money.

Instead of creating remote desktop software from the scratch (that's many man-months of development and many serious risks), use our existing production-ready code as a base. It's many times less expensive than the development from the scratch would take!

Also, the license is available immediately while the development can take months or years. For example, it took us more than two years to develop TightVNC Server 2.0 from the scratch! You can save that time by simply purchasing the source code license.

How Much Does It Cost? What Are the License Terms?

What we offer is a perpetual non-exclusive license to the complete source code of TightVNC Server version 2 for Windows. Note that you purchase a license once and forever. No expiration dates, no per-copy royalties, no limitations on the number of products or devices.

To see the exact license terms and the up-to-date prices, please see this PDF document which should describe everything in detail:

If this PDF document or this page do not answer some of your questions, please e-mail us at or simply send us your questions using the form below.

To make sure the price will not increase, place your order right here, right now! Just fill in the form below.

How to Proceed?

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