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The Default License: GNU GPL

TightVNC is available under the terms of the GNU General Public License (usually referred to as GPL). This is the primary type of licensing, you do not have to pay for it or enter into any special agreement. Just download the software and use it for any legally allowed purposes, including commercial use. Also, you may redistribute verbatim copies of the software with no limitations (unless such distribution is restricted by local or international laws). You even may modify the software and distribute its modified copies, provided that all your modifications are GPL-licensed as well.

GPL Restrictions

While GPL is usually a good option for end users of the software, it may not be that good for commercial software developers. GPL does not allow you to link GPL-licensed components with your proprietary software (without publishing it under the GPL as well). Also, it does not allow you to modify the GPL code and make the changes proprietary. Thus, you cannot use GPL code in your non-GPL projects (unless the GPL code is properly separated).

Business-Friendly Licensing

To solve the described problems, we offer alternate business-friendly licensing options. If you wish to integrate TightVNC into your commercial software package and GPL is not an acceptable option, you should obtain a commercial license.

Currently, we sell commercial licenses for several products:

  • Remote Core SDK — allows you to include TightVNC Viewer components in your products. It's available for the following platforms and languages:
  • TightVNC-Compatible Servers — complete applications that implement server part of TightVNC system. The following versions are available:
  • TightVNC Viewer applications — complete applications that implement viewer part of TightVNC system. The following versions are available:
  • TightVNC Dispatcher system — a complete solution that allows accessing remote computers even if they are behind firewalls and routers. You install and configure an instance of Dispatcher on your site and give your users an improved and customized distribution of TightVNC. Now users can access desktops of each other (provided they know access codes and passwords), and do not care about IP addresses, firewalls and routers in between.
  • Other products:
    • DFMirage mirror display driver — dramatically improves performance of TightVNC Server when running on Windows 7 and earlier versions of Windows. Binary and source code licenses are available.
    • Pure C Decoder for Tight Encoding — add support for Tight/JPEG encodings to your VNC-compatible client written in C/C++.

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TightVNC Java Viewer
TightVNC Dispatcher
Pure C Tight Decoder
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