TightVNC Remote Desktop Version 2.7.10 Is Here

July 24, 2013 — A free download of a new TightVNC version 2.7.10 for remote access is just one click away. Scroll down to get it or check all improvements it introduces.

TightVNC 2.7 Features

Single Application Sharing Mode

Now there is no need to share the whole desktop if you need to remotely control only one application. For that, run a server via the command line, specify -shareapp CLI option and pass a process ID as its argument. In the Viewer window, only the application window will be shown (if any, non-used space in the Viewer viewport is filled with black).

Check more details in the documentation: TightVNC for Windows: Server Command-Line Options (PDF)

Performance Optimization for Windows 8

Now servers run on Windows 8 are ultra fast and there are no desktop update lags when the Viewer connects to it. This was made possible due to added support for the Desktop Duplication API.

Password Protection for Server-Side Changes

Now access to remote server settings can be additionally secured with a new Administration -> Ask password for each operation option. If checked, an Administrative password is required to open settings and alter them (rather than asking for it only once, on the server start-up). Securing each operation makes it impossible to reconfigure the server during a session without appropriate rights for that.

If necessary, a corresponding option is available in the MSI TightVNC installer (SET_REPEATCONTROLAUTHENTICATION). Read more in the documentation: TightVNC for Windows: Installing from MSI Packages (PDF).

ZRLE and RRE Encoding Support

The list of supported encoding types is extended with ZRLE and RRE compression. Now TightVNC Server is fully compliant to the latest RFB protocol specification.

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Features of Version 2.7.10

Bugfixes, improved file transfer UI, extended key combination support in the full-screen mode and more.

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