Announcing TightVNC Version 2.8.81

May 4, 2023 — GlavSoft releases TightVNC version 2.8.81 for Windows, with improved stability and protocol compliance. In this release, we had to remove support for the ExtendedDesktopSize pseudo-encoding due to numerous incompatibilities among its implementations in other software. Our team found the overall design of this protocol extension questionable, as it made non-incremental updates non-functional, was unnecessarily complex, error-prone, and required supporting a non-standard RFB protocol message that we'd prefer not to use.

To address these issues, we've replaced ExtendedDesktopSize with our own version of a similar protocol extension — the new DesktopConfiguration pseudo-encoding. It does exactly the same — allows users to choose a specific monitor in the viewer when a remote host has multiple monitors connected. We're also working on implementing multi-monitor handling in future versions of MightyViewer and Remote Ripple.

Additionally, we've fixed the problems with file transfers that were disabled when connected to RDP sessions. Now, file transfers should work in RDP sessions as well.

Sorry for the technical nature of this announcement, but it's difficult to describe the changes without being technical. Unless you use TightVNC together with other remote desktop systems like RDP or other VNC distributions, you will not easily notice any changes in this new version. :)

From the other side, it's an important preparation for multi-monitor features of our future versions of software, so it's worth upgrading. Make sure to download the latest version from our website!

Thank you for choosing TightVNC!

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