TightVNC meets Windows 7

On February 17, 2010, new version of TightVNC Server has passed final testing on Windows 7. It was tested in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7 and worked as expected in all cases.

TightVNC, a free remote control package, was often referred to as one of the best in its field. However, there were notable drawbacks. It was not fully compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7. In particular, the server component could not be used as a "system service" so it did not allow to control a remote computer where nobody was logged in.

Now that's becoming history. The upcoming version 2.0 of the TightVNC Server will work as a service in all modern Windows operating systems. And, unlike version 1.3, it will work just fine with Fast User Switching feature of Windows XP.

Besides that, new version will introduce a number of other major improvements:

The first Beta version of TightVNC 2.0 will be publicly released on February 23, 2010.

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Constantin Kaplinsky,
GlavSoft LLC.

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